Progressive Raffle Solutions That Get Results

BUMP Up Your Charitable Revenue With A Progressive Raffle

Our team of experienced digital raffle experts has the know-how and passion for helping you raise more money for your good cause or charity. With our expertise, we can keep participants interested throughout a longer-running progressive raffle like Catch The Ace, or Queen of Hearts, so that victory doesn't seem too far away!

More Ways To Win

The chase for the perfect card is on! Create interest in your cause with a progressive raffle, often referred to as Catch the Ace or Queen of Hearts. This popular fundraising solution gives participants more chances to win! The excitement mounts with a weekly cash prize and growing progressive jackpot until someone captures the elusive card.

Growing Jackpot, Growing Cause

Participants play weekly to increase their chances while raising money for a great cause with a progressive raffle. With every ticket sold, 50% goes to charity, 20% to the weekly winner, and 30% to the growing progressive jackpot. That’s winning all around.

Fund More, Do More

It’s simple. The longer you can keep a raffle open, the more people will play. And that means more dollars for your charity. A typical progressive raffle can last up to 52 weeks - giving players plenty of time to play and your charity more money to raise.

Returning Players

A progressive raffle is a perfect way to keep players engaged ! They want a chance at winning each week, so you can depend on them returning. We'll help your design a marketing plan to target returning players and engage new ones.

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