Your Digital Raffle Is Our Business

BUMP provides the platform, the strategy and the caring people to help you raise more dollars for your charity. 

Your Partner in Philanthropy

Running a digital raffle or lottery for your non-profit is more than just a game. It takes planning, resources, marketing, analytics, and the right technology. Hundreds of international sports team foundations, hospital foundations and local charitable organizations have already trusted our all-in-one services to do the heavy lifting. You can too.

50/50 Raffles

One of the most popular raffle programs, our 50/50 in-person and online sales solutions are used to maximize your fundraising.

Prize Raffles

Build buzz and reach more people with your raffle program by offering prize raffles with appealing prizes.

Progressive Raffles

Commonly referred to as ‘Chase the Ace’ or ‘Queen of Hearts’, gives players more opportunities to play and win, and your charity more charitable funds to raise.

BUMP Up Your Fundraising in 4 Easy Steps

Infographic: how to fundraising in 4 easy steps

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