Raffle Like A Pro With Our 50/50 Solutions

BUMP Up Your Charitable Revenue With A 50/50

You can’t afford to waste time, money, and resources on a digital raffle or lottery that doesn’t perform. Tee up your next 50/50 raffle for success — from start to finish — by partnering with our team of digital raffle experts

A Win-Win Fundraising Solution

A 50/50 raffle program is one of the most popular fundraising programs because of its simplicity, success, and win-win outcome. 50% of the ticket sales go to the cause or charity, and the other 50% goes to the prize winners.

In-Person & Online Sales

BUMP’s all-in-one turn key digital raffle platform is flexible and lets you fundraise using an online and/or in-person sales solution. BUMP’s seamless integrations and customizable options, allows you to streamline your online and/or in-person sales so you can raise more money for your cause.


Less Effort, More Reward

That’s right; you read that correctly! An online 50/50 is the perfect solution for organizations that don’t want to mobilize an entire team for a fundraiser. This type of raffle requires less resource effort and more flexibility to fit within your schedule and staff availability

50/50 Staff Lotteries

Bring your team together with an employee raffle. 50/50 staff lotteries make employees feel like they are part of something bigger while also giving back to charity!


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