Three easy ways to understand your audience!

Three easy ways to understand your audience!

In marketing everyone talks about learning and understanding who your audience is in order to support conversions and customer retention. Some of you may be asking “what does that really mean?”. When you learn about your audience you will be able to generate specific content based off their interests and needs. Use these 3 ways to help you understand your audience for greater success.


Creating surveys for your audience to interact with will help you get a better understanding of who they are. Different Ways to present a survey can be in an email newsletter, pop up on website, and at the bottom of a website page. Some simple questions to ask can be “what do you like about our company”, “would you recommend us to a friend", “how can we improve your experience with us”.

three people completing an online survey
A/B testing

A/B testing is when you create two forms of content and see which one performs better based off audience interaction. The original piece of content is called “control” and the second is “variation”. The variation does not have to be drastically different from the control, changing a header or inputting emojis is as simple change there can be. Each audience interaction with either the controlled or variation will be analyzed to determine if the change had a positive, negative, or neutral effect.

computer screen split in two options A or B


Using analytics to understand your audience will help you improve upon user experience and see what people are looking to obtain from your cause. Use a free tool like google analytics to see how people are interacting with your web pages. Evidence shown will indicate how long people are staying on your page, and where they are navigating to after. Analytics will also show the users geographical location and understand how and where they got to your site. With your analytics you can create a better user experience and fulfillment for your audience.
man standing in front of computer reading analytics

Understanding your audience is a key factor in being able to generate proper content for customer retention. People want to feel like they can relate to your cause and satisfy their needs. Conducting analytic research is not a one-time job. As your message changes, your audience may change too. Let BUMP help you, contact us today to learn more about how to market your lottery today!



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