How to Run a Raffle

How to Run a Raffle

Are you interested in running a raffle for your cause? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Raffles are an exciting chance-based contest that offers players the opportunity to win and offers your non-profit a fun way to fundraise!  



Why use a raffle as a fundraising initiative?

There are many benefits of running a raffle for your non-profit. Here are some important benefits of integrating a raffle into your fundraising portfolio.
  • It's a simple concept: Your audience purchases tickets for a chance to win and your non-profit, depending on what kind of raffle, retains 100% to 50% of the total fundraising revenue. All you need is a user-friendly platform (we can help there 😉) and an engaged audience!

  • It's an interactive game: From ticket purchase, building anticipation, social interaction, impact, and the excitement of drawing a winner - you get to tap into the most basic emotions of your donors and supporters!  

  • They're a win-win: Raffles offer a chance to win, create a sense of community, and the funds generated ultimately benefit your non-profit. 

  • It's a great way to build connections: Raffle prizes are often sourced, sponsored or donated by local businesses, organizations, or major donors. This establishes a tight network of supporters who become personally invested in your cause. 

  • Increase database: People love participating in games of chance when they see themselves as a potential winner. This allows your organization to acquire new supporters for your non-profit. We know acquisition is the hardest, and sometimes more expensive, reality of fundraising – raffles allow you to acquire new supporters and share your mission in a new way. 

  • High revenue: If engagement is high, your organization has a good chance of raising some serious cash from ticket sales. 

  • Fun factor: Raffles are successful because of their unique energy—nothing gets your donors’ hearts beating like friendly competition and a great prize. 

Find the right Raffle for your organization or event: 

  • 50/50 Raffles: A 50/50 Raffle is the most popular style of raffle for events. Participants purchase tickets for a chance to win a growing cash prize. With each purchase, half of the proceeds go towards generating the growing cash prize that the winner will take home!  The other half benefits your non-profit, it's a win-win for everyone! Every sale means your jackpot grows larger! 

  • Prize Raffles: Rather than a climbing jackpot, a prize raffle has static prize(s) available to be won - the main prize remains the same throughout the entire raffle. In this model, your non-profit retains 100% of the funds generated by ticket sales, but in many jurisdictions, there may be a limited number of tickets you are allowed to sell which is determined by the value of your main prize. 

  • Progressive Raffles: During a progressive raffle a weekly raffle is held, and the winner of the week has an additional chance to win a progressive prize. In most scenarios, a deck of cards is hidden in envelopes during the raffle and each player chooses an envelope they would open if they won the weekly raffle. If the weekly winner opens their envelope to find the golden card (Ace of Spade, Queen of Hearts, etc.) - they win the progressive prize; if they hold any other card, the next week starts and the progressive prize continues to grow until the golden card is found! These types of raffles are commonly referred to as ‘Chase the Ace’ or ‘Queen of Hearts’. 

  • Staff raffle: A Staff Raffle allows you to run any type of raffle which is only accessible by the employees of your organization. Employees can enroll in your Staff Raffle through pay deductions via HR or allow your staff to purchase tickets like a typical raffle but only if the purchaser has an email address from your organization. A Staff Raffle is a fun and engaging way for employees to give back while having the chance to win! 

  • Add on Raffle: An add-on raffle or a bonus drawing is a supplementary raffle that is paired to a primary raffle. In most jurisdictions you are required to purchase a ticket to the main draw, which will then allow access to the Add-On Raffle. For example, if you are running a prize raffle you could add a 50/50 to generate additional revenue with your purchasers. If you hold regular 50/50 raffles you can add a prize raffle for your early bird which will then generate more revenue. 

Determine your ticket pricing strategy 

Your ticket pricing strategy can make a remarkable impact on the success of your raffle. It’s a fine balance from making your lowest price point accessible to many, while also having compelling deals at higher price points to make them enticing and to help your raffle grow more rapidly.  
When starting to think about your ticket prices you can start by considering: 
  • Your fundraising goals: What is your raffle goal? Calculate how many tickets you will need to sell to reach that goal – is that a realistic number of transactions for your non-profit? If not, consider tweaking your price points! 

  • Other raffles targeting your audience: Do your research and see if there are similar raffles in your area or industry. Use this research to create competitive price points. 

  • Is there an incentive to purchase a higher ticket value: People want the best bang for their buck. Consider offering ticket bundles that provide your customers “value” or offer other perks for the players who purchase a higher ticket value. 

Apply for a raffle license (if necessary): 

Once you have decided on your raffle type and acquired all the tools needed to successfully run your raffle, it's now time to apply for a raffle license. Our BUMP Team is well versed in the licensing application process and are on hand to help walk you through all of the requirements.  
Once your application is approved it's now time to launch your raffle! 

Spread awareness & market your raffle so you can sell sell sell! 

Like any other fundraising event, marketing your raffle to your audience, while tying the impact the event will provide – is a winning strategy.  
When putting together your plan, take into consideration: 
  • Who is your target audience: What are your audience's interests and where can they be found? This will help you outline where and what to focus on! 
  • Where is the money going?  You want to be able to easily communicate WHY it’s important your customers play your raffle! Your marketing should include the anticipated difference this will make. 
  • What do your customers get? Clearly defining the benefit to your customers is a key component to creating awareness assets so more people understand.  
The closer you get to drawing a winner, the more excitement generates around your raffle. Use this time to send out last call messaging on social media, emails, or however you are advertising your raffle. Highlight to your audience how big this raffle is and how this money or prize will change their lives and community! 

Drawing a winner: 

The most exciting part of your raffle? Drawing your winner!  
Here at BUMP, we aim to ensure our platform makes drawing a winning number as quick, easy, and as reliable as possible.  
The perfect way to wrap up your raffle? 
Share the story of the winner with your audience and thank them for supporting your raffle. Show your audience that even though they didn't win, they should feel proud to support your mission. 


There is still so much more that goes into running a successful raffle. Connect with BUMP today and we can help you achieve raffle greatness! We hope you enjoyed learning and reading and can't wait to connect with you soon! 
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