Everything you Need to Start a Charitable Raffle

Everything you Need to Start a Charitable Raffle

So, you’re interested in starting a Charitable Raffle but don't know where to start? Here at BUMP we can provide some much-needed clarity on a process that may seem daunting from an outsider’s perspective.

The truth is, Charitable Raffles are a simple and cost-effective way to help raise funds for your foundation – you just need a good Partner to get you started. We have outlined below four important steps to help you understand everything to star your amazing charitable raffle.


Let’s start with the basics: a raffle is a form of lottery for nonprofit organizations– which means in order to start one, you must be a charitable organization. If that’s you, you’ve already won half the battle!

The next step is to understand the regulations in place for your region. Most provinces & state have governing bodies that let you know if you're allowed to host a raffle, and if so, what rules you need to follow. (Our team can also help you understand the requirements for your jurisdiction!)

Once you know that you are within your legal rights, many regions/jurisdictions require you to apply for a license – this is where you’ll need to decide which type of lottery you want to offer – 50/50, Prize Raffle, or Catch the Ace. Its also helpful to keep in mind that a turnaround time for license approval can be around 9 weeks, so the earlier you submit, the better.

Approved Gaming Supplier

Next thing you’ll need is an approved gaming supplier – spoiler alert: that’s us!

Your Raffle Program needs to inspire trust and confidence in players that it will operate smoothly and with integrity, so it helps to have a reputable service provider on your side (*such as BUMP’s over 12 years of experience*). Don’t worry, BUMP’s Platform builds and runs your raffle, designs your raffle webpage if you can sell online, along with your automated Jackpot screen, your integrated sales devices, and everything else you’ll need to host your raffle. 

Training & Support

Once your e-Commerce site is built, your ticket prices decided, and your staff is trained on our extremely user-friendly devices, you are ready to start raising funds! But you will never be alone, the BUMP team loves to make sure your team has the support they need. Not to mention our 24/7 technical support phone line for any hiccups that might arise.

Make your existing supporters count

This is where we start getting into strategy – how to market your raffle, how to educate people about your cause, who to target your efforts towards, and so on and so forth. With over twelve years of expertise, we can help to guide and support these questions to ensure your raffle is the best it can possibly be. Contact us today to be paired with one of our Business Development staff to discuss all the details of your raffle!


We know that starting a raffle for a great cause can be daunting. Here at BUMP we want to make sure you achieve all your goals and more! Message us today to learn how we can get your raffle up and running today!

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