Early Bird Prizes 101

Early Bird Prizes 101

Early Bird Prizes 

What are early bird prizes and how can you use them to your benefit in your raffle program? In this blog you will learn the basics of how to utilize early bird prizes to entice your audience to buy more tickets and grow your jackpot!



What are early bird prizes  

An early bird prize is a perfect tool to use to get your raffle ticket sales up and running. Your jackpot won't be huge from the very start unless you are using a guaranteed jackpot. But if you are using the power of your community to grow your jackpot then you should consider including some early bird prizes. Early bird prizes can be anything from jerseys, event tickets, or cash prizes! There really is no limit on what an early bird prize can be.  


How to include early bird prizing  

When you are launching your raffle make sure to highlight your early bird prize and the perks that come along with purchasing raffle tickets early. Early bird prizes only run for a certain amount of time so, make sure your audience feels the urgency to buy tickets now before they miss out on the early bird prizing opportunity.  


How many early bird prizes can one raffle have? 

A raffle can have any number of early bird prizes, you aren't limited just to one. When planning your raffle, timing should be taken into consideration. How long is your raffle running for? That will help to determine how many prizes you have the capability to offer. You don’t want to overload your raffle with early bird prizes, and you also don’t want to outshine the jackpot. Early bird prizes should complement your raffle and be a perk of buying raffle tickets early. 


How to obtain early bird prizes 

You don’t want to be spending a ton of money on your early bird prizes as that will be costly and take money away from your amazing foundation. When starting your raffle journey, consider looking for sponsorship. Sponsors are a great way to get a larger audience that you may not have been exposed to before and they may also have access to larger prizes for your raffle. When asking your sponsors for early bird prizes convey to them that this is an opportunity to promote themselves and their products. People love seeing big companies supporting small business and foundations especially when it gives back to the community.



Early bird prizes are a fun way to get more people involved with your raffle and increase ticket purchases. Try and find some fun early bird prizes for your raffle that your community will love and support. Your raffle is important to your community, contact BUMP today to get your raffle started off on the right foot!  


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