How to Communicate with your Customers

How to Communicate with your Customers

How can one person buying a raffle ticket make a meaningful impact on their community? Well, that’s where your charitable raffle comes in! Your raffle depends on the support of its community, and that message is being broadcast to your audience all the time. So, if they are hearing the same message over and over how will that make them want to purchase a ticket from your raffle? Outlined below are a few things to consider when asking the question “why should someone buy a raffle ticket from your cause?”.

Community Impact

How is your raffle directly impacting your community in a positive way? It is important to showcase where, when, and how, your raffle is directly contributing to the community and who it is benefiting. When you highlight this importance and how the community thrives with the help of your charitable raffle, people will feel more inclined to purchase your raffle tickets. Highlight the resources the money goes towards funding like breaking barriers for people less fortunate. Don’t forget to thank them for their support because without it, the community would be struggling.

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Key Takeaways to Remember and Highlight

  • Where does the money go to? 
  • When will the community feel the direct impact from the funds raised by the charitable raffle?
  • How will your cause make sure the funds are distributed to the community?
  • Who is the raffle benefiting? The community? The players? Both?

Raffle Impact

Why is your raffle a key contributor to your community and what would happen without it? People need to understand the importance of your charitable raffle and how this raffle is a key player in raising money for your charity. Without your raffle how would your community raise the funds so desperately needed to support those in need? Try not to get too flashy with big numbers as that can sometimes deter people from supporting if they feel like they can't help make a meaningful contribution leading to our next topic “Purchase Impact”.

Jar of hearts being placed in my hands from the community

Purchase impact

Your audience needs to understand and feel the importance of how their one purchase makes a huge impact on their community and your charitable raffle. Send out messaging that outlines where their money is going towards and how it is creating positive change. People often think that their input can't simply make a change no matter how much they want it to. But you need to reassure them and showcase firsthand how their support fund resources that communities rely on. When they feel that their raffle ticket purchase is truly making a difference it will create a bigger connection and they most likely will continue to support.

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Messaging to Highlight 

  • One customer purchase makes a huge impact
  • How the community relies on the funding for recourses 
  • Make a connection between customer and the community 
  • Thank your customer for their generosity


Your charitable raffle is so important to your community as it creates endless impacts for positive change. Highlight your raffle in the best light possible while reminding people about why you are running this raffle. Your community will thank you as you raise more money for your charitable raffle while building a stronger community.


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