4 Ways To Motivate Your 50/50 Sellers!

4 Ways To Motivate Your 50/50 Sellers!

Your sellers are the heart and soul of your in-person Raffle! They are the face people look for in the crowd when they want to buy a ticket, and they are the impression somebody will be left with after a transaction. Some foundations pay their sellers and some use solely volunteers, but the thing that the most successful ones have in common is that they are motivated to sell! So, let’s talk about the ways we can build that motivation for our team.



1. Training and Educating

group of people sitting down and taking notes during training session. One person has their hand up to ask question.

A trained seller is an empowered seller! Sellers require the confidence that comes with knowing how to do their job properly and efficiently. Make an effort to create a really good training system that will start your sellers off on the right foot right from the get-go. Our team can provide your some best-practices and creative ideas that your team can use to get power-up your sellers!

2. Incentives

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It only makes sense to entertain the idea of incentives in the Raffle Industry. Creating a small prize package for the sellers creates friendly competition and incentivizes* them to try their best to reach the highest sales possible. The beauty of it is that the prize doesn’t have to be huge, but just enough to create some motivation for the sellers!

*Please be sure to check all regulations within your jurisdiction to understand what kind of incentives are allowed in your state or province. Our team is happy to review any of these regulations - we know they can be a bit tricky to understand!

Not only do these types of initiative push sellers to generate higher revenue during the events, but they also create a positive experience that will help you to retain sellers, game after game. Which brings us to our next category…

3. Team Building Activities

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Everybody likes to feel as if they are part of a team when they go to work. Team Building activities break the tension and allow for sellers to network with one another and develop relationships. This could also be a great opportunity to connect the Raffle to the greater cause. People find pride and satisfaction in knowing that their work matters and will create a positive change in the world.

4. How to Find Them


hands on computer searching job postings online

Now, none of this is helpful if you don’t actually have any sellers to take under your wing. Try looking online, making a posting on an online job bank, posting opportunities on your social media, and networking. Then, once you’ve found some sellers, be sure to implement some aforementioned team building and incentives – retaining sellers will make your life a whole lot easier!



Selling is an art, and for some people it can become an enjoyable hobby!

The key to success with finding and keeping sellers is making their experience enjoyable all the way through. That means putting some thought into coming up with a resource for training that includes all necessary check points. It also means considering adding fun contests and team-building activities to your pre-game seller ritual. Remember, you’re in the business of doing good and making people happy, and that should start from the inside!

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